Best Haigh Quality results Camera Nikon D6

Best Haigh Quality results Camera Nikon D6


DSLR Camera Body

The Nikon D6 is a full-frame DSLR camera body that caters effortlessly for professional photographers. Besides a full complement of controls, the D6 features upgrades and new features to deliver faster, sharper, more reliable, and more seamless overall performance. 

The D6 is characterised by the pairing of a 20.8MP FX-format CMOS sensor and an EXPEED 6 image processor, which offers a mix of high sensitivity, nuanced image quality and fast overall performance. It provides a broad native sensitivity range from ISO 100-102400 that is expandable to ISO 50-3280000 for working in extreme lighting conditions. Thanks to a mixture of resolution and sensor size, clean images with reduced noise and smooth colour transitions can be achieved throughout the sensitvity range. The EXPEED 6 delivers versatile speeds with an impressive top continuous shooting rate of 14 fps for up to 200 consecutive shots, with mechanical shutter and full AF and AE; its silent 10.5 fps rate at full resolution suits discreet, sound-sensitive shooting; shooting at up to 60fps at 2MP or 30 fps at 8MP is possible if wanting faster frames. The sensor and processor pair also contributes to adept video recording capabilities, enabling UHD 4K video recording at 30/25/24 fps as well as Full HD, and HD recording. The wide sensitivity range–from ISO 100 to 3280000–also benefits video recording, and its values can be manually adjusted via the dedicated movie-shooting menu. Auto ISO can also be utilised to maintain consistent brightness when working in changing light situations. Apart from movie recording, time-lapse recording, for up to 9999 consecutive frames shot over a span of one week, is possible with up to UHD 4K at 30fps output from the camera.

Of note, the D6 features a new Multi-CAM 37K autofocus system that employs an AF system made up of triple cross-type sensorsat each of its all-selectable 105 focus points, resulting in an AF cover that is about 1.6 times denser than that of the D5. The D6 further offers up seventeen custom group-area AF patterns to quickly cater to almost any type of shooting situation. In addition, the D6 sports an expanded focus detection range, increasing the detection area for single-point AF and dynamic-area AF, which eases focusing on subjects even when slightly outside the focus point. While all 105 points support working with effective apertures of f/5.6 or brighter, 15 of these points are also compatible with an effective f/8 aperture to benefit working with super telephoto lenses and teleconverters. A dedicated AF engine complements the abundant focusing points to provide quick response times that benefits tracking fast and randomly moving subjects, even at the top 14 fps shooting rate, and contributes to enhanced focusing sensitivity with its ability to autofocus at -4.5 EV (when using the center focus point, other points at -4 EV) for working in very dark and low-contrast situations.

The D6 features a physical design that complement its imaging abilities and meet the varying demands of individual photographers. A large 3.2″ 2.36m-dot rear LCD monitor provides for clear, vivid playback and live view shooting. As a touchscreen, it contributes to more intuitive menu navigation and setting controls, enables you to select your focus point, as well as doubles up as a keyboard for entering notes, copyright info, or IPTC metadata. Also, the D6 employs a bright 0.72x optical pentaprism viewfinder that cover 100% of the FX frame for framing accuracy; the supplied detachable DK-27 Eyepiece Adapter allows you to attach a rain cover to the viewfinder for more comfortable shooting in wet conditions. 

Indeed, this flagship camera is designed to go where you go and efficiently support you in the way you work, all while delivering high quality images. The tough magnesium-alloycamera features extensive weather-sealing for working in harsh climates and inclement conditions, and a reinforced shutter mechanism that has been tested for 400,000 shutter cycles. An ergonomic vertical grip and overall form factor support comfortable and efficient handling, whether shooting in vertical or horizontal orientation. Fourteen customisable buttonsthat can be assigned with up to forty-six different functions contributes to a personalised and efficient workflow, while an intuitive i Menu, available at the press of the i button, offers a shortcut to camera settings that are used most often or configured to your needs. Built-in dual XQD/ CFexpress Type memory card slots offer fast, flexible file-saving capabilities while integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support wireless image transmission and remote shooting control in conjunction with SnapShot; meanwhile, the 1000BASE-T Ethernet provides not only a more robust wired high-speed connectivity but also an approximate 15% increase in transmission speeds as compared to the D5. For faster direct-to-PC file transfer rates than previously possible in D5, the incorporated USB-Type C connector can be employed. Also new in this model is the integrated GPS module, which enables in-camera file geotagging, clock setting, and synchronous multi-camera shooting. The D6 is designed to use the same EN-EL18c rechargeable lithium-ion battery as D5 to benefit D5 users who are planning to switch to the D6, and its long-life per charge supports prolonged working periods. 

Besides the physical attributes that enhance workflow, the D6 also features other built-in functions and systems which contribute to a seamless workflow from shooting to post production. The intelligent Scene Recognition System with 3D Matrix Metering III employs a 180,000-pixel RGB sensor to evaluate and analyse all aspects of a scene, such as brightness and contrast, for a speedy determination of an accurate and best exposure and white balance setting for rendering the scene at hand. Furthermore, to maintain consistency from image to image, the information gathered is also check against onboard reference images in regard to exposure, white balance, i-TTL flash settings, and subject-tracking AF performance. An AF lock-on function is available to enhance subject tracking performance, with two adjustable parameters: quick or delayed blocked shot AF response, and erratic or steady subject movement. In addition, a unique auto AF fine-tune function can be utilised to achieve the best possible focus for each mounted lens by enabling you to achieve precise manual focus in live view, after which the AF system will calibrate itself to the fine-tuned focus position, thus alleviating front- and back-focusing issues.

Image transfer can take place while you continue to shoot, and its Priority Image Transfer enables you to arrange and prioritise images in the queue by simply flicking an image on and off the queue on the LCD screen. JPEG functions permit simultaneous recording of two JPEG images of different size and quality settings to facilitate separation of images for transmission and for editing. For reducing post-production times, twenty unique Creative Picture Controls are available, permitting preview and use with both stills and videos, to adjust the look and feel of imagery.

The camera body is supplied with one battery, a charger, a USB cable, a dedicated D6 strap, an eyepiece adapter, a flourine-coated finder eyepiece, a body cap , a battery chamber cover, and a HDMI/USB cable clip.

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